Aunt Jeni’s Raw Food is Here!

Arriving today at Amy’s Natural Pet Pantry  –  Aunt Jeni’s Home Made® Raw Frozen Cat and Dog Food. Please come by and check out some of the new and interesting protein sources.  Gypsy, Fin and Harry are very excited that they are going to get to have Goat and Rabbit for dinner soon!

In the increasingly crowded pet product market,  Aunt Jeni’s Home Made® stands above other competition for several important reasons: They don’t just claim to be “nutritionists;” they have the experience,  education and academic degrees to back up thier claim. The company possesses a knowledgeable and caring staff equipped to provide the very best customer care.

When you choose Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, you choose not just the best, but peace of mind as well. Thier state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is unique in the industry. The privately owned plant is FDA registered, inspected, and approved for pet food manufacturing. They use highly sophisticated, custom built equipment and take pride in making thier products themselves, under thier own roof, with complete control over every facet of production. There is truly no other raw pet food facility like Aunt Jeni’s Home Made® anywhere!

All of the meats and poultry are from animals that are free-range, grass-fed, humanely raised and killed, non-medicated (no growth hormones or antibiotics), USDA inspected and graded for human consumption. The non-meat ingredients come mostly from small, local, eco-friendly farms.  Not every single one of the ingredients is necessarily “certified” to be organic,
but the farmers are following all the rules even if they have not yet achieved certified status under current USDA and NOS regulations.

The emphasis is on fresh, whole, raw meats and  produce, safe and suitable for human consumption. They do not mix protein sources in thier recipes. The meat, bones and organs are all from the same animal.  This makes the food perfect for those animals with protein specific reactivity. To bring you maximum variety, the formulas are based on three different veggie/fruit combinations and six different protein sources.  Amy’s Natural Pet Pantry is offering  five recipes for dogs:  Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Goat and Rabbit; and the Beef recipe for cats.


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